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Hello everyone!

Server will be restarted.

Restart time - 11:00 PM GMT+1.


We added some fixes for server.

Fix log:

  • Increased drop from Astral Bosses in 2 times in 4,5,6 sectors.
  • Reduced cost of uncommon and rare items crafting in 2 times.
  • Unbounded Winner's Wings, Conqueror's Wings, Wings of Triumph and Winner's Wings.
  • Added Manabike's Trinket ManaBike.png  to D2 Golem's trade list.
  • Changed ingame Ranking System achivements.
  • Changed quests "The Imperial Warbringers" and "Preventative Measures" rewards: now you obtain 3000 Negotiants coins.
  • Launched Radiant Strongbox of the Morpher dfh.png.
  • Removed global cooldown for spells:

Electric Blast MageLightningArrow.png
Holy Rejuvenation PriestAspectHeal.png
Holy Healing PriestCompleteHealUpgrade.png

  • Added a lot of new costumes, capes, shoulders and cloaks.




Best Regards,
Blade Allods team.

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