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    Some information Hello guys! First of all, sorry for a long absence. We have some problems. Also now we are having a lot of another work. We haven't plans to close this allods project. So you can play as long as you wish. By the way, we are removing possibility to create new topics and replay it for some time. Thanks for understanding.
  2. Dear players! Event was finished! We have winners: 1 place Бендор will obtain reward - 10000 crystals 2 place Mikasa_7 will obtain reward - 8000 crystals 3 place Acurity will obtain reward - 5000 crystals Thank you for participating!
  3. Hey! I used translator but I didn't understand nothing Try to translate it in English and write to my PM.
  4. I don't see here Astrid's comment. Just wait.
  5. Good morning, Dear Players! The temperature is below freezing outside, and today is the perfect day to cuddle up with your homies and sip a mugfull of hot cocoa. Just a quick stop to send you a pretty picture to brighten your day! ~Have a good day, BladeAllods Administration~
  6. sorry, but it's confidential information.
  7. Hello everyone! Are you a fashionmonger? Did you finally created the superior look for your character, but have nowhere to show it off? Do you want to be rewarded for your stunning look? If you think that presiding words is about you, then try to became next BladeAllods's Designer! So, you need to design an uniform. You can use any items: Boutique/for quests/etc. I'll choose 3 best costumes and players who created it will become the next BladeAllod's Designer! Please read and follow all rules. Rules: All [Official Rules] still apply, irrespective of the theme and event event-specific rules that apply to this event: ► Don't use pornography content. ► All graphic editors prohibited (e.g. Photoshop, Paint, etc.). ► Images must be taken in Allods. ► You can participate only from 1 forum account. ► You must add your nickname in your post, so you can obtain reward faster. ► Please be original (don't copy other people ideas). ► Please, add list of items you've used. ► Make sure the image(s) plainly show your costume. ► You can add descriptions/quotes to your images. ► Don't post more than one message(multiple screenshots showing the same costume is fine). ► If you want to 'vote' for your favorite costume then tap the 'like' button. ► It's event topic, please keep all questions, suggestions and discussions in the discussion category. Rewards: If you won and didn't receive your Crystals within a week, please write to my PM. Winners receive: 1 place - 10,000 Crystals 2 place - 8,000 Crystals 3 place - 5,000 Crystals Deadline: February 22 2017 Last winners: Best Regards, Blade Allods team.
  8. Dear players! Event was finished! We have winners: 1 place Altherien will obtain reward - 10000 crystal s + Priden Ship Design 2 place kolian00090 will obtain reward - 8000 crystals 3 place Радость will obtain reward - 5000 crystals People's Choice Awards: Zinochka will obtain reward - 2000 crystals Fro₩ will obtain reward - 2000 crystals Thank you for participating!
  9. Hey! What's your current level? Did you finish Ferris quests? There are a lot of another ways to farm gold in game. Just use guides.
  10. Hey! You can farm a lot of gold, we created new farm-location - Asee-Teph. And about time for max gear.. it depends on you. Our community is different: ru, en, Spain, Turkish, Estonia, etc. Enjoy!
  11. Hey! Do you want to decrease exchanger's course? It's automatical system, we don't regulate it
  12. Let's start!
  13. Hey! It's Design of Ship. You can obtain it for some events.