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  1. You don't need a special attire to look horrible Zinochka
  2. Wkaa - League
  3. net ya kushal prosto ona pizda mamky
  4. zaebis' ya ne zabil tebe ya podojdy v dom sin
  5. don't touch it don't touch it (only fix bug) o k
  6. I'll try this, thanks
  7. Fixed quest Enchanting Rare Equipment. Now you can continue to complete quest without cooldown. Mhhh..? Still not working for me, I did it this week and don't have the quest anymore (to enchant rare gear)
  8. Two little issues : - If you get Tricky mind rubies (2nd grid) you cannot use mental explosion under a knocking down effect. - If you get spectral assassin and the slowing/dmg,heals reduction rubies, it triggers rightful deed guild ruby on the ennemy till the assassin die. Pretty annoying to heal your ennemy when you trying to reduce it's heals and damages.