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  1. rip Escalation all of it is french kek.
  2. any ETA on how long till 6.3 is installed on beta server?
  3. I have a few questions about the 6.3 test server, and I am going to ask these things because the 6.2 test server didn't have this either Can we please have some way to make our crystals unlimited or a stupid amount or make everything in the CS free and lift the limit on buying so we can test boxes trade ins and other stuff related to strongboxes Insignia's to change glyphs so we can test stats this was NOT on the test server and made it hard for us who don't have eternals of certain stats to change around Class morphers, put in the Omni-Morph or each class for FREE in the shop so we can test on each class the changes and stats I can't tell you how stupid it is for those of us without unlimited morph who want to test the other classes A Place for those of us who are not guild leaders to post bugs, and suggestions for changes and tweeks or fixes for this version. I was upset I needed to message you to report bugs when I am not a guild leader on the forum to post it in the CBT thread we normal members cannot see or discuss on. That is all please make this happen and actually make it like a real test server.
  4. how will the people who aren't guild leaders but in the beta report and make suggestions to the 6.3 beta that is coming up. I would and many others like to voice our opinion as well as guild leaders.
  5. They cater to russians, they are all pussies and use point bouncing to win fights they know they cannot win 6v6.
  6. please add insignias for us to use to change our glyph stats
  7. when will cbt invites be sent out or have they already for 6.2?
  8. That's not even his video its Gale's video the real Gale. Idk why he is stealing trying to take credit for a video he didn't even make. I hope Tep doesn't even consider his entry for being a thief.
  9. still no warrior buffs for pvp? also any new costumes soon need more vanity!
  10. caught red handed kek.
  11. the goblin is bugged it is still saying 10m on Cooldown and Faction change says 30d not 14d unless that is the item's duration until it vanishes then it won't be a problem i guess.
  12. next update this weekend?
  13. if psi's are mad now u no longer get the 50% after the twin dies then you're just a sore loser who wanted to keep the bug.