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  1. he wants a faction change from empire to league, cant atm with faction imbalance
  2. still no enchanted rare upgraders for Bg emblems
  3. Well something needs to be done, otherwise server will die sooon, its otw now Find out what people dont like about 7.0 and make some changes to better suit the player base here Know 1 the problems with 7.0 is making gold is impossible and people were forced to chuck cash at game week after week just to be able to gear up, but this problems been around in allods for a while, getting worst by each patch
  4. 7.0 needed, server is slowly dieing, its mid day and 8h15m timer on WH and no 1 queued for random skirmishes, sunday was realy slow with BG's poppin also
  5. @Tep any news on if this will happen soon or not?
  6. So i wrote this poem before lookin at what the rules were, and this short poem does'nt qualify at all but thought i would still share anyways Warden from the west Flash lightning put to the test Bee swarm is the best Welcome to the CC fest With a rip and a clout That noobs knocked out
  7. @Tep There any plans on adding rare enchanted upgraders for battleground emblems?
  8. PvE event - Gm spawns load bosses getting harder each boss untill raid wipe with bosses dropping enchanted astral coins of rare quality and some realgars be fun pve event and offers those newish to server a chance of catching up in gear department could run the event every couple weeks when start getting people in fabled gear could add epic enchanted astral coins (know people who wont join server now since 3 or 4 months behind in gear with very little chance of catching up, maybe events along these lines helping with lower geared players would change their minds and boost server poppulation a bit).
  9. The Voting only seems to work with Mozilla FireFox
  10. Getting the same with Internet Explorer when right click and open in new tab, just opens another BladeAllods home page with both IE and Chrome
  11. chrome, will try with other browser
  12. The three links for EN voteing dont seem to work. just moves back to top of the page
  13. @Tep When will you be adding vote for non-russians? you said next update couple weeks back an was no vote option added
  14. u can move the individual skill slots by useing /abdnd i use CastbarMod, Classplates and DnDunitframes addons also so can move alot more the UI about, can find them on alloder.pro or https://allods.my.com/forum/index.php?page=Thread&threadID=6742 has the links for them