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  1. Team name: Negros Dracias 13/11 86k Janai 13/13 86k Seryth 13/11 86k
  2. would be cool if you made it like on this picture and every matchup would be best of 5 so we would have some nice tournament for some cool rewards hopefully ppl make groups my group is up for it
  3. I appreciate that u put so much effort into those events but sadly most of english speaking players are gone and the ones that are still here mostly dont care about crystals rewards/events at all since they are either full cashshop or too lazy/dont care I would myself appreciate some 3v3 or 1v1 pvp event with some rules like lvl 7 runes only etc combined with russian players able to sign up though cause u wouldnt have many english players sign for it..either way if you could you should only do every event mixed with russian comunity imo
  4. well thats too bad because you did what are you gonna do now ? rollback them or keep reset also I think its btter to reset them like this every month to keep it fresh a bit imo
  5. I think you did reset the results because I have champion title in game for this week and the site shows 2 parties that have higher waves than me pretty sure the season was closed and rewards were sent but you guys forgot to reset the results on site because ingame I have 0 3v3 rating as well which means arenas were reset too together with arena of heroes
  6. ???? what do you mean ? Ill try to make it easy for you 1. you didnt reset old results..why ? month passed 2. there are NO results from this month at all..my group did arena of heroes and it still shows 46 wave for my character even though I did more 3. what I asked is to RESET/UPDATE the page so the rankings achieved in DECEMBER show there already..whats the point of showing old rankings when the november month cycle is done ?
  7. Can you reset 3v3, 6v6 and arena of heroes ranking for this month ?
  8. thats not what Im asking Im asking if its ok to exploit/bug anything in your game since apparently there are no consequences for things like that as far as I can see - exploited rank1 and 2 for arenas which is pretty ridiculous if u ask me. Honestly if you guys were serious about those things since you present yourselves as the best private server I wouldnt be scared of doing stuff ingame that takes forever to achieve without any result since there is always gonna be someone who will take advantage whenever he can Anyways I guess we cant have only good things in our lifes
  9. so since Deaspool and the other russian not getting penalized at all for using AT buff in 3v3 to get rank1/2 am I free to use any exploits in the game to my own advantage ?
  10. I dont like this event at all..why ? My youtube channel got warning if you remember that it will get shut down if I keep posting videos from this server and they also deleted 1 of my videos for the same reason..I had to rename all of the videos to only "Allods" not "BladeAllods" just to be somewhat safe and now you want us to put this into our title ? No thanks not risking my channel being taken down
  11. here is your answer from @Tep I think it clearly states that it IS a bug that will get removed we will remove it in the next hotfix.
  12. you guys are a fucking joke honestly lmfao we have been working on our 3v3 rankings since they introduced 6.0.3 LEGIT WAY and you guys are trading wins at night with your guild just to get from 1000 to 1300 rating and then when we want to fight you since you have such a nice "fake" rank finally you abuse the stats bug just to win against us good job Im proud of you Вы, ребята, гребаная шутка честно LMFAO мы работаем на наших рейтингах 3v3, так как они введены 6.0.3 LEGIT путь и вы, ребята торгуют победы в ночное время с вашей гильдии только, чтобы получить от 1000 до 1300 рейтинга, а затем, когда мы хотим бороться вы так как у вас есть такой хороший "фальшивый" ранга, наконец, вы злоупотребляют статистику об ошибке только выиграть у нас хорошая работа Im гордимся вами