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  1. Lag is still image. Screenshot is still image. People are not smart so we pretend, but you dont even pretend. :^)
  2. There seems to be some language barriers or lack of understand between each other. :^)
  3. They don't drop
  4. noo ))) dont )) its )())))) brouken no workerino)))))))
  5. Yes. ((((((())))))))
  6. Keys resetting was confirmed 11 days ago.
  7. Nerd
  8. Very good dps on psi can't argue with that. Are there any other screens of same fight? If hes using assasin, would be cool to know difference in the dps meters.
  9. Yes.
  10. Why? In dps meter might have some issues with warden/summo pets and psi spectral assasin. Sometimes other people can't see them on dps meter, but the person who has the pets can. But this isn't something that happens all the time. I did write the boss names there. So I assume you're talking about dps meter version. Arguing without argument.
  11. Lets be honest with ourselves. #1 pvp class doesn't have to be #1 pve class too. Psi is easy strong enough to be a part of any raid. imo top 5 with Warden, Warrior, Scout and Engi. People want to push their own classes. I'm sure there is room to buff mage or healer before psi. Gunner fomr tuesday Booka Booka from a week ago. Lets not use Ad Hominems here.