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  1. FTFY.
  2. Aaaaand I'm trying to share whatever happened last group dominion in case it might help you find a way to fix it. But why do I even bother communicating with you, it's not like you will understand it.
  3. We actually had disconnects right before some of the group dominion fights started and had to queue again and ended up missing the window. Maybe those two things are connected (for example if matches are actually made before the fights start, one team gets unqueued because of a disconnect, other might get an instant win).
  4. I kind of discussed that with a few people already, but even if they'd be able to make a proper matchmaking algorythm, it'd have to be pretty damn complex. I mean, what would you base it on? Gearscore alone doesn't matter much. Parties can change and it'd take a lot of time to collect data on their performance. The guild score alone isn't a great starting point either, since in larger guilds the weakest chain could be actually significantly worse than a better party from a smaller guild (especially if it's a party made from leftovers who just happen to be online). And to build up a performance profile for each player would take an eternity, it's not like shooters and mobas where people play a couple matches every day, you only get a maximum of 4 rounds a week.
  5. Not sure what youth and understanding has to do with eachother in this case. In fact, I think you're the one not understanding right there. Being able to mount up in Dominion means that certain classes with better movement abilities won't have an advantage and it'll be still fast paced in sense of being able to get from one point to the other really fast. Furthermore due to the inherent and high CC resistance of mechanical mounts it means you will never be stuck between points, unlike without mounts. The more expensive mounts can keep walking people in combat, thus being unable to mount up. Lightning owners can pick up dismounted players, even if they are thunderstruck and/or in combat. All this above makes mounts anything but useless. Nobody ever suggested to entirely remove mounts from group dominions. However, in case you're more interested in trading personal insults and belittling eachother instead of discussing, just say so - we can arrange that.
  6. How is it even remotely the same thing? That's even worse representation of data than having the poll with ~100 votes. Honestly you should just say you don't want to change it.
  7. I can't speak for the other parties, but in our case we do not have delusions about how it would affect the dominions. There's one Censorship party that we fought which would beat us without mount capping as well and we'd most likely win against the majority of the other teams just like before. We have not been asking for the mount capping to be removed because we think it'd give us an advantage. We've been asking for it because the only worthwhile PvP content every week is the Group Dominion. The fact that the matchmaking is entirely random, it means you'll most likely not have more than 0-2 fights a week against teams which are roughly on your level. That would mean somewhere between 0 to 40 minutes of group dominion, about 0-10 minutes of those are preparations/downtimes, 0-20 minutes of those is masturbating on mounts and only about 0-10 minutes is actually having PvP. Personally I'd rather lose and have a close or otherwise interesting fight (maybe one we can learn to improve from), than win in the current state of dominion. Obviously I can't speak for everyone in this case, but that's pretty much my 2 cents on the subject.
  8. Casting Thunderstrike requires you to dismount and enter combat, which puts you at a seriousl disadvantage when people are roaming to cap. Players who are thunderstruck can still be picked up on mounts, even if they're in combat. TSing usually depends on luck and player reaction, you might have a chance to TS one or two players during an entire dominion match if you're lucky or someone messes up. You should try playing group dominion sometimes.
  9. You get 5 other people who cares about it and make fake guilds on reincarnations for CBT access.
  10. I literally don't have a clue what that means.
  11. Wouldn't it be just as tactical (if not more) without the mount capping? You'd literally have to commit to defend and attack certain points, which definitely requires more foresight especially in terms of how are you splitting teams and what are you focusing on. I think that requires significantly more planning than rushing to a point and capping when you have the numbers, then leaving if you're not capping anymore.
  12. Nobody is actually blaming you for abusing the way the game works, that's what we all do anyways. People are just frutrated to a point that several of us logs in like once or twice a week to do a somewhat worthwhile content. It usually happens to be these 4 matches of group dominion. Assuming you're matched against a decent team, you can expect literally 10-ish minutes of mount riding back and forth in a 20 minutes fight. This Sunday for example we got to fight one very good and a decent team. That makes for roughly 15-20 minutes of PvP in 2 hours.
  13. We do abuse mounts as well, but that doesn't mean it makes an interesting gameplay experience.
  14. Should add a third dominion time, so we could have raid dominion, actual group dominion and guild mount race event thing.
  15. Keep in mind that balancing classes around 1v1 is pretty much a terrible idea.