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  1. don't worry. alot of us donators already quit this game. staff won't listen to player's needs especially when EVERYONE asked for caragallas should be daily and that's why it gets boring as hell. and Crystals are abit expensive even for a private server, sometimes you even forget you are in a private server. but even though its a expensive server, we still payed alot in hopes that server will listen to players needs. but again and again, its all about the money. and if you're a donator, you would likely find yourself needing to donate atleast every week just to keep up your upgrades. and if you're not a donator, just don't expect much from your character lol.
  2. tons of suggestions of this cargallas has been requested since the start of this server BUT NO ACTION AT ALL! but guess what? like what i said, this staff doesn't care of people wanting to have fun. we spent alot of money on this server and got no satisfaction in return. this staff will make ANY EXCUSE just to make more money and nerf the casual players chances of gaining much gold. after gaining most items and runes after donating 50-100 dollars, enjoy boredom for days until you get cargallas 2x a week. money well spent guys. the community just wants to have fun and this staff will ensure none of that. btw, tep is just the translator in this server, just a lapdog for the real power behind this server. remember. its all about the money. so dont expect much from this team because you will just get disappointed.
  3. don't bother to play this server if you wont donate. this is a pay to win server. admin's are constantly trying to kill the casual players so people will be forced to donate to keep up. and if you donate, you will just regret it after a month or so because you will find yourself needing to donate like every week to maintain. this staff really doesn't care of what a players want for fun, they wont even make caragalas daily which makes the game so dead boring. all they want is your money. so PLAY THIS GAME AT YOUR OWN RISK. PS: this staff will do anything to make excuses.
  4. we already told you what we want. read and understand. if you cant, pull that finger out of your ass
  5. whats the use of upgrading runes and gears through farming and donating if we cant use our characters to pvp and have fun. FACT: the more intense and constant pvps are, the more likely people will donate to compete. server wants money, players want fun. its basically a WIN - WIN situation.
  6. hotfix

    hello. I'm not sure if this is in effect but on warrior skills its still 1.5% per group member. the skills boosted really aren't that great. but it is an improvement. thanks!
  7. Game is so boring and dead without Cargallas. after doing daily astrals, there's nothing to do anymore. all other battlefields take so long to start. seriously are you afraid of people farming gold? it isn't even alot when you only have a limit of 65/65 emblems a week. I'm pretty sure a whole lot of players in the community would want this. if you think this is a bad idea, please state the reasons on why cargallas isn't daily. can you at least make this server fun to play DAILY. thank you!
  8. like i said, everyone wants their own characters to be OP. afraid of heal nerfing, etc. man up you fucking cowards!
  9. for being the main melee class of the game. really needs a boost. die hard is already nerfed to just 30% HP even at lvl3. and unlike paladin, warrior has no self heal and no range skills to gather combat advantage. WITHOUT healer, warrior is just food with all the CC and range attacks even if you have high willpower and mostly lvl66 gear. I know you guys like your own characters to be godlike like summoner and healer which can do everything including making you feel that you have a big d*ck, but can you give warriors a fighting chance. I'm pretty sure this server has already got a decent amount of income from the game, the least you guys could do is give back to the players and do something to balance things out. weeks had past and no tweeks were made to balance classes.
  10. seriously, all the OP healing really ruins the sense of pvp in the game. no one needs skills anymore, a combo of summoner and healer and thats it. even with mortes + wound people can just survive it easily. aside from nerfing ways to farm gold, can you guys atleast make it more pvp balance.
  11. these amino guys make me laugh. hahaha
  12. i used most of my talents in healing and pet. everything that increases heal i learned with prof at 40. i don't know why my heals where so low even when my gs 54k and 13 runes. but nevermind, i gave up being healer build. gone dps now. thanks anywz
  13. Hello, i just made a new incarnate warden and got it to level 65. even with decent equips and runes 13 i do freakishly low heals even when i am on full healer talent and skills. please help me. what is wrong with my character IGN: Ursa
  14. so.. when your class isnt OP enough lisek thats when you complain? read the damn skill. it says "Shred wont crit"
  15. i don't know if its the new battlefield maps. but it takes so long to start one now. whats up with this? atleast the old battle field was fun and more pvp than the new capture points