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  1. Dont add any astral items. I miss 8 items and I dont have any problem to go s1/2 even alone
  2. Its so hard to do cc with warrior? Or you was on paired build?
  3. And you wanna block some main item for 2 weeks? Be a man and just give him back upgraders or just do him instant epic item
  4. They doing the same mistakes like on 5.0. And situation persists - no farm spots = no free to play ppl, no free to play ppl = no p2w ppl. Im not farming gold - I dont have time so Im donate - but I see now that population go low, there is maybe 4h in the week some thing to do I start to think if there is a sense to donate more, or just w8 for another server Administrators shoud ensure new ways to farm gold, not take them. Now is start of server and new players come here, but the truth is that if now some one open even 5.0 server but with good support for f2p ppl most of this server will go there. For now the only thing that keep ppl here is fact that there is no competition in servers
  5. It was made for balance and new rule - No Money - No Honey
  6. Ye... on this server all need to know ru and read all ru posts
  7. wtf why you reduced keys to 2? It was ppl decision to save keys or not. If you plan to do some thing like this you shoud announce it min 1 week ago
  8. pls make for @intrepide skill for psi that can kill every ppl/moob with 1hit, we dont wanna to @intrepide be unhappy and seriously... psi is cc class and he got best cc in game. Wanna to do dps class from psi then nerf his cc
  9. Epic and legend is not a problem, the only gap is on rare and fabled. It is sad that Tep is explains the lack of this replicators in IS now with bugs, and Renko said clearly that thay dont wanna add them now, before stage 2, so again RU community got more clearly support
  10. on 2-3 weeks you shoud add epic's one
  11. some pll have more time to farm in game, some ppl are working and have other liabilities and they prefer to pay for some things. Please do not compare anything to yourself. And another thing. Tep and Renko are giving contradictory information. Renko confirm that these items will appears in next update in this weekend. Please Devise a coherent policy to provide information
  12. why people wanna change anything now, at start of gearing? Just w8 for better gear and stat balance, now most items from craft is boosting determination, so only tanks have good dps
  13. they are not added yet you dont remember yours reply's?
  14. they already confirmed that they will be
  15. Warden is not a healer, to do good self heal you need build up determination. As for main healer heals of warden are to low and have to high mana use