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  2. Я немного опоздаю. Подождете? недели на 3-4, пока 7.0 не откроют
  3. Hello Tep, It is literally impossible to gear in this game now with full epics and a legendary because Astral allods s9 is impossible since its very hard to set up a group with geared players. I would like to make this request to make the Mercenary Contract NPCS for Astral Allods to be stronger so that players can hire them and solo allods like s9. The mercenaries are just totally dumb even with animality potion and barely deals any damage. Please upgrade their AIs to Player Level so that players can have an enjoable experience in the game. Another suggestion would be to allow Mercenary contracts to be hired in raids like Gates project, Dead City, Your Pyramid (Tep's Pyramid), etc. Then there will be a lot of fun. just increase the mercenaries damage by a significant amount so that each of them can deal atleast the damage of a full epic geared level 13 runed item shop geared player. I am sure everyone will be happy with the new updates. Looking forward to hear from you. Best Regards, Silent
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  5. Ну каждые 3 дня 1% тикает))так что)
  7. Кто последний напишет - тот лох
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  9. I hope something can change here, server is dying really fast, too russian are leaving the game, maybe we are 20 on in all server at day? Tep or other admin have to do something good
  10. I legit want to know when you guys will open the 7.0.0 Server not a lot of people say good stuff but I don't think it's bad and since its not 8.0.0 you won't get shutdown by , I mean I understand you will tell me or others it will be hard to obtain but I know it's not and you guys or your group is usually the only ones who obtain higher ver. files as all the other random RU servers never make anything but 4.0.0 or 3.0.0 servers because they can't get hold of better files from the test servers. So hopefully it's soon so I can dick around on it for a month or two before it gets boring but good side you guys will make a shit ton of money like you did for this server. Maybe you can even just keep 6.0.0 for the others and make a 7.0.0 server too. Or give us bonus crystals for having donated and played beta on here or something be a good incentive to bring old people back for the new server. Anyways looking forward to seeing it in a few months if not from you guys, then your other friends or people from the same group putting one up.
  11. Le serveur est mort ^^
  12. Dear players! Event was finished! We have winners: 1 place Бендор will obtain reward - 10000 crystals 2 place Mikasa_7 will obtain reward - 8000 crystals 3 place Acurity will obtain reward - 5000 crystals Thank you for participating!
  13. Кто последний в очереди на то, что бы сказать, что сервер загнулся?
  14. Ой, иди на хуй обрыга ссаная. Одень свои черевички, спустись в аптеку за боярошником и захлебнись в блевотине с местным на пару)
  15. Nickname: Webloh Head : Perished Bard´s Mask Shoulders: Spaulders of the Furious Conqueror Costume: Armor of the Furious Conqueror Сloak: Wings of Triumph
  16. @Tep Finish this event, please
  17. Обычно все питались остатками с моего стола,вот и удивляюсь как выживают
  18. Так они питаются крайней плотью местного,вот и так живут
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